About SmartDeCat® and its' birth

SmartDeCat® it’s more than just a name, it’s a meaning, a way of life, the way of the web.

Devoted to pixel perfection and passionate about security, coding and bringing real dynamic, fully in house advanced software to the masses.

Meet the Core SmartDeCat® team

Owner & CEO


Creative designer & developer

100% focused on clients requirements producing reliable, secure and up scalable systems. Passionate about the SmartDeCat® brand, the software SmartDeCat® produces and that clients get more bang for their buck. Safety, security, website speed, SEO and features is his main aim.

Outside of SmartDecat® partial to a good beer & BBQ. Very much a family man and always doing DIY.

Customer relations manager


Customer relations manager

Not only liaising with clients Hayley keeps the team bonded and focused on the clients and their requirements. With over 10 + years in customer service and team leadership we all know who wears the trousers.

Outside of SmartDecat® Hayley is devoted to her two dogs, enjoying a little WII and a little wine on the weekends. Loves eating so long as someone else cooked it.

Account administrator


Account administrator

Working with clients to ensure their account remain in balance and on budget Nikki prides herself on client retention and satisfaction while ensuring the balance sheet of SmartDeCat® remains pointing in the right direction.

Outside of SmartDecat® Nikki is a qualified teacher and enjoys taking on challenges and reading. Loves to cook and bake but doesn't get enough time.



Sales & Marketing

You've heard of bambi but you've not met Steve, one of the softest of the bunch.

Outside of SmartDecat® Steve loves to dabble with Cricket, teaching (qualified) the younger generations how to do it right. With music running through his veins it's no shock to find him drumming his feet or tapping his hands to the slightest of rhythm.