Be smart, play safe!

Secure your website with an SSL Certificate

Our GlobalSign SSL Certificates can be delivered and set up within minutes for instant protection which means you’ll be able to start protecting your e-commerce website, brochure website, logins, webmail, blog visitors and more in just a few minutes. All helping to improve your search engine ranking performance, visitor retention and confidence.

Full Protection

The GlobalSign SSL certificates we deploy ensures every page and all data is encrypted and by displaying the globally recognized padlock in the browsers URL bar you’ll be making your security highly visible to every visitor increasing customer conversions. Why risk potential customers abandoning their shopping carts and web forms?


Major search engines and the powerful algorithms that they now use tend to favour websites that use SSL certificates which in turn provides a better search engine ranking for the site as well as being marked as secure in search results.

The security your website and business needs

What You Get

  • SHA-2 and 2048 bit RSA encryption, the strongest encryption available.
  • Improved search performance, Everyone values security so do search engines
  • Universal device support, trusted by every browser and device.
  • ECC, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Support.
  • Underwritten Warranty, Starting at $10k
  • Compatible with all major browsers, IE, Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari.
  • Visual, globally recognised padlock in the URL bar.
  • UK support, get the support you need, when you need it.

Cost effective

SmartDeCat GlobalSign SSL Certificates start from as little as £4.45 per month payable annually *(£53.40) or £7.08 per month payable annually (£85.00) for our dedicated IP version, making securing your website affordable and the right choice.

SSL Certificate renewals are charged independently to hosting and domain name renewals, clients using our SiteBuilder Atom range will have the added benefit of additional security and encryption that is built in to the software.

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*GlobalSign direct, RRP and typical developer price £129.00 excluding (tax/vat). A £40.00 one off set up fee may apply.