SmartDeCat terms & conditions

Please read these terms carefully before placing an order or using any of our sevices.
By placing an order or using our services you agree to these terms.


  • All invoices are issued as "due by return" unless otherwise stated or a written agreement has been received from SmartDeCat® detailing a credit term.
  • Payment can be made in the following ways;
    • By bank transfer using the information supplied on your invoice
    • By Credit card using our online payment gateway
    • By Cheque
  • Ownership of content, copy or design remains the property of SmartDeCat® until cleared funds are received.
  • Payments shall be made by you without any deduction whatsoever unless you have a valid court order requiring an amount equal to such deduction to be paid by you.
  • Credit notes must be used within six months of the date they are issued. Any credit notes over six months old are invalid.
  • Quotations are valid for 3 months from the date of issue and are subject to change without notice in the event of additional work or services being added. After 3 months a new quotation will need to be obtained.
  • New sites and design work, a 50% deposit payment must be made before work commences with the balance due on completion. If work has already commenced the deposit will be none refundable in the case of cancelations.
  • Goods and services, Payment will be required before or at the time of obtaining the goods or services such as but not limited to SSL certificates, domains names, backups, mail exchange services and transfers.

Ownership of goods

  • Domain names remain the property of the client while payment is received to purchase them and renew them on an ongoing basis. Any domain not renewed is taken back by the relevant registrar and relisted at their discretion. A domain may be suspended or cancelled by the registrar in certain circumstances such as should the information supplied turn out to be inaccurate.
  • Custom designs remain the property of the client purchasing them at all times.
  • Templates remain the property of SmartDeCat® at all times, SmartDeCat® extends permission to clients to adapt any template as they see fit including structural modification.
  • Databases and scripting remain the sole property of SmartDeCat® and may not be modified or transferred without prior written consent from SmartDeCat®.

Due to the level of Encryption used within our software at no point is it permitted to remove files from our servers without prior written consent from SmartDeCat®. Permission will only be granted after security checks in compliance with UK, EU & US requirements.

Terminations / Deletion

  • SmartDeCat® reserves the right to cancel, suspend or permanently delete any website found to be used to offer illegal products or content or involved in illegal activity or in a defamatory manor.
  • In the event of none payment of domain renewals.
  • In the event of none payment of hosting renewals.
  • In the event of an outstanding invoice.
  • In the event of pornographic material being used / found.
  • Holding sensitive data unprotected and not in compliance with the Data Protection Act.
  • Using a website server space as a file sharing or storage area.

Images and photographs

You must only send us photographs or images which you either own or have express permission to use. You retain all intellectual property rights and copyright for any photographs or images you send to us. Do not send us photographs or images which may be deemed obscene, offensive or defamatory.

  • By sending us photographs or images, you consent to allowing us to store and otherwise use these photographs or images to produce your website / branding and for use within our portfolio. You also agree to indemnify us against any action, liability, claims, damages or costs arising from any breach of these conditions.
  • We reserve the right not to produce or activate a site, and to charge an administration fee if the photographs or images you send are in breach of these conditions.
  • In the event that we produce goods using photographs or images in breach of these conditions, we reserve the right to charge you up to the full price of the goods, and not to supply the finished product. We will not return any photographs.
  • We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the photographs you entrust to us for printing or processing, please only send good copies as all photographs are destroyed after production.
  • We reserve the right to disclose any such image or photograph to any relevant authorities if we consider them to be of a criminal nature.

Trademarks & copyrights

SmartDeCat® is a registered trademark as listed with the Intellectual Property Office number UK00002474832. All other trademarks or trading names used on this site or our software are that of their respective owners.

Images are either developed in house or obtained from sources under the Creative Commons Zero for both domestic and commercial usage.

End of life product support.

Whilst we endeavour to support and provide updates to our software range on an ongoing basis, inevitably there maybe instances when a product is no longer cost effective or suitable for this service to be carried out. An example is when major changes occur to standards or working requirements on the World Wide Web as a whole, one being the change to HTML responsive.

Product range

  • SiteBuilder Atom, Current.
  • SiteBuilder EncoreCO, Current.
  • SiteBuilder EncoreECO, Current.
  • SiteBuilder PRO. End of life. No updates
  • SiteBuilder CMS PRO. End of life, no longer supported. No updates