Sustainable & green solutions

It is probably not something you would typically consider, or even thought about when choosing a website and hosting provider but it is something you should. We are not suggesting you radically change your lifestyle or hug a tree but with a little thought your actions can go a long way in helping you, your visitors and the environment whilst at the same time getting more out of your website.

Seems daft, right! Well surprisingly not as daft as you might think. Consider this, how many times have you gone to a website only to see it loads slowly, sometimes even making your browser seem none functional. Unfortunately this is often the case with a majority of the websites out there.

No this is not your internet connection on the blink, it is a website that has not been optimised in any way, it means these websites take up huge amounts of space on servers and consume far too much processing and memory power. Not just for the server hosting the website but for the servers and ISP’s in between. It also means someone’s data plan might be getting eaten up.

Why should I care?

Simply put you have a website to showcase your company, your brand and a slow loading heavy website only provides a negative experience to your visitors. If a visitor has been unlucky enough to view a site like this over a mobile data connection then their data is also being unnecessarily eaten up, not a particularly good first impression by any standard. Of course then there is the consideration that the growth of online devices and badly optimised websites are turning the world wide web in to a slow lane, a car park. There is no new technology available to add additional capacity as it currently stands! Ultimately this only serves to cost both you and web users’ money and this is long before we consider the environmental costs.

The SmartDeCat website solution

By joining the SmartDeCat fold you will be joining an ever growing community that uses a super fast, super lightweight and efficient website system, tailored to your business needs and focusing on your company and brand presence, allowing you to grow with piece of mind, making sure your business website footprint is small.

Helping the SmartDeCat community in being sustainable & green we;

  • Optimise our code to run efficiently reducing memory and processing power to allow servers to take advantage of the latest energy efficient components. In turn reducing costs and electrical requirements.
  • Minify our scripts and website content which reduces the space they require on a server and resources required to send a page from a server to a visitor. Resulting in faster page loads, less bandwidth used, less costs to you, your visitors and ISP’s in space, electric, systems and bandwidth.
  • Compress static content allowing your website to be viewed as fast as possible whilst reducing the bandwidth and resources used. Helping to Keep the World Wide Web fast lane open, even faster page loads and reducing the cost to mobile users, rooting servers and ISP’s
  • Using advanced hidden spam filtering and protection systems to ensure client websites do not add to the already overwhelming spam sent out daily across the World Wide Web. Reducing resources from the server, the rooting servers right through to your own ISP and computer / device.

Did you know?

The average free / open source website is only 44% efficient compared to a SmartDeCat website design which often exceeds 94% efficiency.

Going further

Our main registered office responsible for technical support, account administration, design, development and accounting produces in excess of 70%* of its own electricity by way of solar. This system is not part of any feed in tariff to ensure we do not add an additional burden or cost to the UK consumer.

In the winter months and in the UK this can often be 6 months of the year heating is provided by a wood burner system using sustainably sourced kiln dried hardwood. What’s more the pallet the wood arrives on is pure untreated soft wood and is manually cut and split in to kindling with the nails removed and recycled. Our supplier re plants 30 new oak saplings per order which then becomes part of a woodland.

*as a typical average across 12 months, the North East is not the sunniest of locations. The very latest energy saving equipment and lighting is also in use.